In the current issue of the german magazine Hardwareluxx (06/2007) 13 water coolers of different manufacturers were tested. The cooling performance of our cuplex XT di stands out compared to the rest of the field. At the temperature difference between CPU and water the cuplex XT di is leading with 4.6K comapred to the runner-up. Moreover, it should be mentioned that other coolers partly offered a higher flow, however, nevertheless they were not able to keep up with the cooling performance of the cuplex XT di. How one sees we are very proud of it .

在這文獻裡,共有13顆冷頭評比,cuplex XT di 的效能,竟如此卓越,這是真的嗎?勢必要敗顆回來才知了.......
Aqua Computer cuplex XT di
Danger Den TDX
Swiftech Storm Rev. 2
D-Tek Fuzion
EK Wave
Swiftech Apogee GTX
Aqua Extreme MP-05
Zern PQ+
Swiftech Apogee GT
Sub Zero ExodusFlow
Alphacool Nexxxos XP
Cooling Store UCD 4
Innovatek G-Flow
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