AQUA 新版冷頭:平價策略,又不失其效能,跟上代比,應只差上蓋,但價錢就差$20歐元,外型亦不錯.

As a well-priced alternative to the cuplex xt di we have a new CPU cooler in the range of products as of now: the cuplex hd (high flow / double impact).  
The cuplex hd has a nozzle plate made from delrin instead of brass like it can be found in the cuplex xt di. This delrin plate was altered completely and optimized for a very low flow resistance. The cross-sectional area of the nozzles were approximately doubled and additional reflow channels are milled into the underside.  
By these changes the cuplex hd is interesting particularly for customers who prefer a low resistance of the coolers. The cuplex hd offers its full performance in such "high flow" systems.  
Furthermore the base plate still consists of 99.99% pure electrolyte copper. The mounts are identical to the XT series.  
The connection threads are exclusively G1/4". Other variants are not planned.  
The cuplex hd is available as of now and is offered at a price of only EUR 49.90.





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