The aquagratix for ATI 3870 cards is the newest full cover block in our product range as of now. The block is produced like the aquagrafx G92 in the new ultrathin style from copper. All voltage regulators, RAM chips and the GPU are cooled. The cooler weighs approx. 480 grams and will be available with a stainless steel or plexiglas top.  
The connectors are G1/4". It was payed attention to a very low flow restricton. The internal channels are 17 mm wide. Moreover, a very efficient cooling structure was brought in. The base is made of a highly purified (> 99.9%) copper block  with an origin weight of 1 kg.
Here some photos:

The height of the cooler amounts to 6 mm.  
Of course the final version will have an engraving on the top.  
The price amounts to EUR 79.90.
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